Digital strategy and transformation at a professional services company (Sweden)

Supported the CEO and CIO in understanding digitalisation and how they need to change their way of doing business to meet the new customer needs. Specified the organisation’s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organisation. The work included evaluations of the company’s main competitors and potential substitutes with the goal of understanding the company’s strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors and potential substitutes.

Business driven IT strategy at a real estate company (Sweden)

Supported the executive team in a real estate company in identifying the competitive advantage of IT as part of their business strategy. Breaking down the business goals into IT imperative, understanding the business and IT trends and formulating the IT vision and 3 year roadmap. Worked with IT trends and business case development for sensor technology and internet of things among other areas.  

IT strategy and transformation at a global energy company (UK, Norway)

Developed the corporate IT strategy, implementation plan and IT governance structure. Roadmap and implementation of the new IT operating model and workforce. Worked with how to brand the IT organisation internally and externally to attract and build the right capabilities for future business needs. Resulted in an understanding of the competitive advantage of IT and high employer attractiveness ranking.   

IT strategy and roadmap at a global retail company (Denmark)

Defined a shared IT strategy and transformation program. The business strategy was challenged and broken down into IT implications. Strategic IT themes with possible business IT initiatives where identified with overall business case. IT balanced scorecard for coordination the strategy implementation and a 3 year roadmap with a portfolio of prioritised initiatives was delivered. Worked with innovation process and how to prototype and test new IT solutions for faster time to market. Resulted in a shared vision of why and where to invest in IT.    

IT organization design at a global health & life sciences company (UK)

Accountability for designing and implementing the IT operating model and setting the critical IT processes across the organization. Evaluated different sourcing alternatives. Resulted in a new IT organization and sourcing model based on the new business strategy and business demand.